Wednesday, May 28, 2008

29th May - Plan of attack - Flexi learning plan outline

Have been considering what I want to get out of this course; an outcome that is usuable and relevant; have decided to link my Flexible Learning Plan to my current research project as mentioned in the previous post.
Heres a bit of an outline to get started with - comments/feedback would be great.
Flexi Learning Plan: outline
Aim:create a plan that incorporates and adds to current design sustainability teaching and learning at Yr 2 Bachelor of Design (Fashion)
- Diversity/flexibility of delivery and assessment
- Relates to research project - possible online learning component + surveys available online
- Possibility of building a blog for students concerned with sustainable design as a relevant resource for all design students - links to articles etc that they must respond to online.
1. Current options
2. +Flexible options
1.Face to Face Lecture series with follow up studio discussion, lectures posted on shared file or blackboard.

2. +Recorded lectures posted on blog and/or realtime lecture to distance learners - availablity online
Advantages: self paced + links to further reading etc.
Considerations: value of face to face lectures for question answer - lecturer as resource - could make email available for further questions or followup sessions.

1. Reflective writing in workbooks/Visual diaries - adds to research platform and analysis in workbook - links with design research and exploration.
2. Reflective writing (blogging)adding to discussion and feedback on other students work.
Advantages: see other students reflections (possible peer assessment;gain further insights; opportunity to discuss further; once in blog can direct students into further resources and reading.
Considerations: online component - not everyones "cup of tea"; may need to incorporate into already limited class time and/or assessment criteria to get compliance; ability of lecturers to maintain blog.

1. Integrated project - application of knowledge - knowledge put into context - currently the design projects require hands on application of knowledge in a studio setting. Application of the design process from idea thru to making of final object/garment. Strong emphasis on applied skills and industry relevance.
2. The communication component of the design project could be delivered in digital format (already applies in many cases) and placed online. Online workbook/visual diary or documentation of the process perhaps - really need to consider this in much more detail including of course assessment and relevance to industry.

So comments would be appreciated at this stage.

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Bronwyn hegarty said...

hello Tracy
I copied your draft ideas for your plan into Google docs as i find it easier to give feedback directly to each area. A separate email has been sent. You can continue to develop your plan in there if you wish and publish to the web as it firms up and put the link on your blog. Your choice.

You have some great ideas and I really like the idea of students creating a digital visual diary.

A digital record of their design/creation projects would be amazing. AnnaLynn is the person to talk to as she gets her students to take video.

more feedback in the document itself. You may wish to share this feedback with the others by publishing to the web and putting the link on your blog.