Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cultural diversity revisited

Great feedback Leigh - many really good ideas to consider in terms of language barriers, translation and teaching and learning possibilities. Agree that it is important to distinguish a student with a more personalised view and knowledge of their specific nationality rather than putting all students under the "international" umbrella. It is extremely important as you suggest that we dont "regionalise" students and have an understanding that within one particular geographical area there are many diverse cultures. I have found it helpful to encourage students to note take and reflect/design within their visual diaries in their own language - this tends to lead to a greater development of ideas - we can see they have developed these ideas without having to actually understand the written word + the student can verbally explain ideas as required. Thanks also for the comment posted by Brian UK about Esperanto - had a vague knowledge of this language and the video link was a great introduction. Certainly an international common language would be extremely valuable especially in education.

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