Thursday, February 12, 2009

Draft Flexible Teaching & Learning Plan

My draft Flexible Teaching and Learning Plan presentation is complete - the focus is on redeveloping an exisitng course FDS4 (Fashion Design Studio 4) Production Block. This course has a theoretical component currently delivered face to face via lecture/powerpoint presentation. There is the potential to engage with students beyond the classroom and with graduates and industry. A community of teaching and learning could be established encouraging life long learners and 2-way teaching and learning opportunites. I have published the power point to slideshare but am struggling with converting audio files to mp3 format so I can upload these. Need to get some help as all efforts to do this myself have been unsuccessful.


Leigh Blackall said...

Hi Tracy, the correct link to your slideshow is this.

Uploading audio files to will convert the format to MP3 and other formats for you.

Once it is on, you can take the URL for the audio and use that with your Slideshare to turn it into a "Slidecast". Slideshare has a nifty tool for aligning the slides to your audio so that it plays through in time with what your saying.

Also, if you look at your slides on Slideshare, notice just to the right is the word "Embed" with a box of code next to it. If you copy paste that code into your blog, the slides will display in your blog. This saves people a little bit of time because they can view your slides directly on your blog.

That same embed code is available on most media sharing services these days, included Youtube and many others. Simply copy the embed code of anything you find, and paste it in your blog and you'll see it there. This also works for Blackboard

Leigh Blackall said...

Hi Tracy,

I recently applied to AKO for funding to develop a course called Starting a business in which sustainabile business practices are throughout the content. If you follow that link you will see the development plan we are asking money for. We have copyright permision to use NZTE's business plan text, and if we get the funding we will hire content experts to write into that text all the sustainability content we need. We wll also schedule into a calander all of the seminars and workshops for small business start ups in Dunedin (IRD, Chamber, Upstart etc workshops) so that students can attend them to learn about details they need in order follow the business plan text and produce a business plan for the course. More details at that link.. I hope we can find a way to pool resources and collaborate on this.

Tracy Kennedy said...

Hiya Leigh and thanks for ur help this week - have finally managed to sync the audio to the slideshow on slideshare - the link is now embedded on my blog - I replaced the wrong link form the last post.

Leigh Blackall said...

HI Tracy, I can't see your slidecast in your blog. I suspect that something went wrong when you copied the embed code and pasted it in your blog.

When you copy the embed code from slideshare, come back to your blog and edit the post where you want to display the slidecast. Once in the edit view - just to make sure this works - click the tab that says "html" (just in the top right of the edit box. Now you are looking at the html view, and you can paste the code there. Publish post.

This HTML view is not normally needed, but its an extra safe way of doing it. If you wanna give me a call just when you're aboutto do it, I can talk you through.

In the mean time - I'm off to take a look at it on Slideshare...