Sunday, February 22, 2009

Final Flexible Learning Plan

My final flexible learning plan is complete. Im certain there will be ongoing updates and improvements to make as the plan is implemented. All feedback is appreciated.


Leigh Blackall said...

Hi Tracy, exciting plan! I can see many ways in which the EDC can assist you in this development, and it happens to align well with the timeline of the Starting a Business course development this year. My only comment on this plan would be that it make more reference to some of the content and readings you encountered in the course. Such as how and why did you arrive at the idea to develop an open access course in this way? I realise that most ideas are informed by a general idea, but for readers new to this line of thinking, specific references would help them a great deal - such as some of your colleague perhaps.. the same ones you need to win over in the Development Approval step perhaps? But no, you guys do coffee ;) So more for the new students coming into the Flexible Learning course this year.

Congratulations on completing the course. As a final post to your blog when you get back, would you mind summing up your efforts in the course? Just review what you have here in this blog, compare it to the course schedule on the wiki, and make general comments and feedback on how the course was for you, and how you think you learned in this format of study. Your comments, feedback and self reflection will be very helpful to us in continuing to develop this course, and I think for you in reviewing what you have done.

Good on you.

Bronwyn hegarty said...

hi tracy
I cannot see your plan. I think you might need to publish your page to the web so it can be viewed. their is a place to do this in the share area.