Saturday, June 14, 2008

15th June reflection on feedback

Thanks again Bronwyn for the valuable feedback - in light of Bronwyns comments I am considering concentrating on developing one specific resource to hopefully enhance the teaching and learning of sustainablity issues and in fact could be used in many situations.
By developing the idea of an online "place" that students can display a digital visual diary and or final design work - also could be used as a gallery space. Currently students use the visual diary/workbook as a personal space for exploration, reflection and research; development of ideas and final design outcomes. These diaries are an essential part of assessment as 'proof' of engagement with course content (notetaking, reflection, further reading, research and exploration) and process. I do not believe that the physical workbook can be replaced by an online counterpart at this stage - however possibly if students all had their own laptops it could be a reality.
Feedback from a collegue about my initial idea "good idea, as long as the technology doesn't get in the way, and it is an option for the students to showcase, not an essential method. Also, and you will laugh at this coming from me .... what about the tactility? And sometimes detail gets lost in the scanning process, need to consider that."
Could also be issues of privacy etc. - would have to be a password protected site maybe. Depends on whether it is for assessment only or as a gallery space too. Perhaps links from a Fashion School blog or website so the gallery is open and the visual diary/workbook stuff is more private.

An online space to place work would mean the students could be more discerning about the contents of their workbooks in terms of what is being viewed by others. So an extension of the workbook rather than a replacement. The ability to be able to share thoughts about any subject in a safe environment - the space could be used for critique and as part of an assessment. Could be used as a moderation tool - external moderation e.g. RMIT and of course as a distance learning tool. Still lots to nut out!

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Bronwyn hegarty said...

Tracy your creative ideas are starting to flow wonderfully. The main thing you have touched on for me is the sustainability of having an online space/gallery for students to display their work.

And also the issue of access to computers and the Internet for your students. Once you have done some of the reading around these topics you will be able to expand on this in your plan and possible solutions.

The thing with flexibility is providing options which suit your group of students and potential students.