Monday, June 16, 2008

Ive been out and about in cyberspace 17th June

Heres some feedback for fellow particpants and comments on postings.

Annalynn Wk 14 (Wk8 ) blog - The Modern Internet - adding to the dialogue around technology, barriers and poor communication tools - herein lies the dilemna and the importance of the Design Phase as outlined by Bronwyn in her interview on YouTube about Flexi learning - technology is a tool to be used to the best advantage of the students you are teaching:
Design Phase:
- content and assessment
- technology support
- what can (your) students actually use
Bronwyn if I won lotto it would be laptops for all with the full adobe suite software installed and wireless internet - these could act as personal workbooks and visual diaries and wonderful research, development and design tools. Definitely think we could do away with some of the paper war we have in design!
Leighs comments on YouTube (newly arrived at Otago Poly I presume) indicated that his experience at that time was with "networked learning online" - I believe there is definitely a place for fully integrated online networks, in particular, in programmes with motivated students - as demonstrated by both Ken Wysocki and Merroly Penman in their interviews. How then can we fully engage less motivated students to participate? - chocolate fish maybe! - as part of their assessment?
I had considered that the extra workload/time committement required ( talked about by Ken and Merroly) would perhaps dissipate as you become more proficient at using the online facilities and tools however that does not seem to be the case - guess this also depends on your own availablity & committment to students - as with all teachers boundaries need to be put in place as being available so students can"reach out at any hour" (Wysocki) does not suit everyones work practice. Equity also has to apply to the teachers!
Merroly commented on the "repackaging" of existing face to face courses considering the learning environment and what it is you are wanting to create for the distance learners. I am beginning to fully appreciate the complexities of providing online and blended programmes alongside the face to face - in terms of assessment this could be a real challenge especially in the area of fashion design as the presence of a garment and the tactility of the fabric are an essential part of the experience. Second Life already entertains many fashion brands and stores where you can purchase clothing and accessories and of course online shopping in real life is the norm now - however for us fashion "purists" the phenomenological experience of clothing requires having a garment present, and for assessment purposes being able to see the actual stitching etc may be a requirement.
Comments on Plans viewed:
Fexible Frying (Steve Ellwood)'s Flexi draft plan and the current teaching tools on YouTube were pretty inspiring - the plan being a great integration of blended learning - the music videos also taking into account issues of access and equity - no speaking required - not only does it cut out a technical stage, it adds atmosphere, makes u concentrate on the visuals and tasks and can be utilised fully by the hard of hearing.
Megan from Nutrition could consider the benefits of reflective practice as part of her plan, integrating these into tutorials and requiring students to reflect on lecture content and tutorial discussion not only on a blog but also in a reflective diary. I find this encourages attendance too as it is a requirement of assessment.
Athena's plan is wonderfully ambitious and will require committment from OT and others - linking students with lecturers and clinicians and maintaining that level of committment will be key - enabling everyone to participate; so overcoming those possible barriers outlined by Bronwyn (mentioned earlier) with excellent design - wonder if a longer timeline may be needed.
Time to do some planning of my own - doing some planning for a paper for next semester and finding myself beginning to consider more flexible delivery options and of course my "thing" sustainablity integration. Great stuff.

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Feedback on DFLP presentation and Plan:
Tracy I really enjoyed your presentation of your plan. I particularly liked the example of the studnet in Aucklans's workbook and could hear your statement regarding the fact that was missing was the need for it to be tangent and tactile. It is a concern for me that if learning becomes online that we do miss out on the wider sensorium of learning.