Saturday, June 14, 2008

15th June - response to Leighs comments posted 9th June

Thanks Leigh - yes asking the students questions about the "flexibility" of our program is an option - perhaps it needs to be added to the 'student satisfaction surveys'. Always important to consider student needs (equity etc.) alongside the course requirements and also the requirements of the industry (in this case fashion NZ) and weigh up the significance and importance of something within a programme - we must move with the times while considering the needs of the future practitioners and the nature of the industry they are entering.

About the slow progress I am making with Assignment one (weekly blogging) - I have discussed this with Bronwyn and have considered doing a marathon catchup to meet course deadlines - however this would not occur until after the draft plan presentation. I am therefore unsure at this point (following your comments) whether to continue with the draft plan development powerpoint (slideshow) and presentation for next Friday that I have started. Can this draft plan be presented with some of the essential reading etc not completed. You are right I am concentrating on the current deadlines - perhaps I need to consider a more flexible approach so assignments can be fully developed utilising all the resources and weekly readings etc. I am finding the whole online experience a challenge. Feedback please.


Bronwyn hegarty said...

Tracy the presentation of your draft plan does need to include some of the weekly topics and demonstrate you have looked at some of the issues with flexible learning such as the modern internet, sustainability, access and equity, cultural diversity. The plan you have started with is very much the bare bones of your ideas.

It would certainly be a good idea if you attended the session even if you do not feel ready to present. If you wanted to get feedback from the group, if there is time near the end, you could still present your ideas as they stand at the moment and get some input from the group. I concur with Leigh and suggest you do not race ahead too much with your plan until you have caught up with some of the weekly readings and activities.

It will be a bit like finding your way across a river blindfolded. Scary!

Leigh Blackall said...

Hi Tracy, I think you should prepare a presentation and take note of the feedback (as you're doing). This feedback will probably highlight what weekly topic is most relevant to you for when it comes time to run that marathon. If, after running that marathon you tweak the online version of your presentation to reflect what you have realised by doing the weekly topic, then you will have achieved both assignments to the fullest potential. I can see nothing wrong with doing it this way around - as it clearly will meet the learning objectives as well as your design needs more directly. I think this is a good way to go.

Remember - if there is a specific skill you need to be more efficient or effective in online communications, you have access to the one to one services at the learning centre, or the general services at the Community Learning Centres. If you are struggling with online learning, or a particular skill needed to complete the assignments, please take advantage of these services. If you are not entirely sure what help you may actually need from these services, they are trained to help with that as well.

If you are having difficulty with any of the topics, the assignment or the learning objectives, Bron and I are here to help you at any time.